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High Dose Oxygen Therapy
High Dose Oxygen Therapy (HDOT) is a recognised medical treatment, proven to enhance the body's natural healing processes. It is approved under the Care Standard Legislation in England and Wales. It has long been used to treat decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, injuries and wounds and is now being used successfully worldwide in the symptomatic treatment of many neurological, vascular, respiratory and inflammatory conditions such as: -

Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Migraine, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Respiratory Diseases, Circulatory Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Wounds, Sports Injuries, Myalgic Encephalopathy and Post Operative Healing and can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.

Oxygen Therapy is used as an adjunct therapy when Cancer patients are having Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

What is High Dose Oxygen Therapy?
Hgh Dose Oxygen Therapy is a medical use of oxygen at an increased level of pressure. HDOT raises the levels of oxygen in the body's blood plasma which leads to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body's tissues, organs and brain.

The treatment consists of breathing in pure oxygen (100%) through a face mask, hood or mouth piece whilst sitting normally and comfortably in a barochamber which is increased to a predefined pressure for a period of 60mins.

Why do we need oxygen?
Oxygen is vital for all the body's functions and is essential for healing. Usually the supply we breathe in normal air is enough for a normal healthy body to repair minor ailments. However, there are times during more serious illness or injury when the body is under added stress and requires greater amounts of oxygen to heal effectively.

How does High Dose Oxygen Therapy work?
Oxygen therapy boosts the body's ability to absorb oxygen, which enters the body through the air we inhale and is diffused throughout by red blood cells. Usually the supply we breathe in is enough for a normal body metabolism and for repairs after minor injury or illness.

However, there are times when the body is under stress and requires additional oxygen. Injury or illness may reduce blood flow, so the supply could be reduced, thereby limiting or preventing recovery. Without appropriate oxygen levels, the body's natural healing process cannot function properly.

Most illness and injuries occur and often linger at the cellular or tissue level. In many cases, such as in circulatory problems, non-healing wounds or Stroke cases, adequate oxygen is not reaching the damaged area.

This is where High Dosage Oxygen can help. By inhaling pure oxygen, patients can increase the concentration of oxygen in their blood, so that it's more efficiently delivered where it is needed most. Oxygen is dissolved into all body fluids, the plasma, the central nervous system, the lymph area and the bones, and can be carried to areas where circulation is diminished or blocked. When normal oxygen values are re-established, this greatly enhances the ability of the white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduce local swelling and allow new blood vessels to grow more rapidly into affected areas, creating better conditions for recovery.

How is HDOT administered?
The standard treatment time is 60 - 90 minutes. The number of treatments varies depending on the nature and severity of the condition. Generally sports and minor injuries will require an intensive course of treatment until full recovery is achieved while chronic conditions by their nature will require ongoing treatment to maintain well-being and symptom relief. It is recommended to complete a course of 20 treatments quick session, taking 3 treatments a week or more until the course is complete, followed by hourly 'top-up' sessions, to be taken once a week.

Our chamber allows 6 people to be treated simultaneously. All clients are assessed both before treatment and at designated intervals thereafter. Thus, the treatment regime is designed specifically for the individual's needs.

The treatment session is conducted in three phases:

Compression: Once the door is closed, there will be some noise as the pressure increases. It will get warmer and you will feel fullness in your ears similar to when ascending & descending in an aeroplane. You will have been taught how to avoid discomfort by clearing or 'equalising' your ears. As soon as the chamber pressure increases, you will need to start making your ears 'pop'. There are several ways to do this and the chamber attendant will find the best way that suits you. Some people find that swallowing is sufficient. If you develop any discomfort inform the attendant and the rate of compression will be reduced.
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* Mikolaj Blazejowski
Positive effects after High Dose Oxygen Therapy noted by Mikolaj's Mother

Diagnosed condition: Autism

Up to 15 sessions the changes were small, I cannot say that I noticed them. After 15 sessions, changes take effect immediately after treatment and are maintained on the same day. After 25 sessions, changes are visible immediately after treatment and persist for the next day.

Noted changes:-

Mikolaj is calmer, interacts better (especially with other children, this had been a big problem). The greatest progress is visible in his speech, he is saying more words. Mikolaj says whole sentences, asks a lot of questions. Before therapy he used only questions with, what "(e.g. what is this?)" and, where "(e.g. where is grandmother?)". After 30 sessions he started asking questions like, "did you eat breakfast, Mummy?" I also see a lot of progress in his imagination, spontaneously invents fun. Before therapy Mikolaj used nappies, now he wears panties and he goes alone to the toilet in preschool and at home. He only wears nappy at bedtime.

At home Mikolaj had got a bad burn to his arm from hot lemon sip, I noticed how quickly it had healed due to having Oxygen Treatment.

I am very happy with the noticed improvements Mikolaj has received at The Oxygen Therapy Centre.
* Monica Blazejowske (Mother) *
* * *
Treatment: On reaching the desired pressure (usually 1.5 to 2.0 ata) the client places a mask over the head and breathes oxygen for the duration of the session. The treatment begins when the pressure reaches the prescribed level. You may then rest, sleep, read or watch television if your chamber is equipped with one. The mask can be removed occasionally and the chamber can be decompressed at any time if necessary.

Decompression: After the prescribed amount of time has elapsed the attendant will let you know when the treatment is complete and the pressure will be lowered slowly, at a rate that is comfortable. A session usually lasts just over an hour and can be repeated daily. If a patient is receiving two treatments a day the second treatment follows the first after a three to four hour break outside the chamber.

What are the benefits of High Dose Oxygen Therapy?
High Dose Oxygen Therapy significantly:-
  • enhances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria and prevent infection
  • increases the supply of oxygen to injured and diseased areas
  • reduces swelling, pressure and pain
  • promotes the repair of injuries
  • improves the rate at which lactate and ammonia levels return to normal after exertion so boosting energy and performance levels and minimising stress and fatigue
Reported benefits of HDOT are improvements in:-
  • circulation
  • vision
  • speech
  • memory and concentration
  • balance and coordination
  • bladder and bowel control
  • pain and stress levels
  • energy levels
  • mood and sense of well-being

Are there any dangers or unwanted side effects with High Dose Oxygen Therapy?

Some people may experience temporary ear discomfort, tiredness and slight blurring of vision particularly during the first few sessions. This is not unusual and may persist in some for up to a few weeks but does clear in time. There have also been some reports of aching teeth but this is slight and temporary.

There are no contraindications to HDOT, except pneumothorax and acute ear or sinus infections.
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