27-year-old male

I am currently 30 weeks into my journey with long covid. Like many others living with long covid my journey could be described by very slow gradual improvements with debilitating crashes which seem to reset any small progress previously made. My symptoms initially seemed to be neuro based and not respiratory which most associate with covid. From my initial collapse episode, I have recorded over 60 symptoms to date of which some are transient, coming in waves while others have remained. The journey has been life changing, going from an independent 27 year old who lived a fast paced outdoor, sporting lifestyle, working full time and buying a house with my partner of 8 years to being housebound being able to walk a few hundred steps at a time at my best and bed/sofa bound for the majority using a mobility scooter for any further journeys.

My research into long covid searching for answers, following any thread or latest study found me coming across Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

With more articles coming out about neuro implications of long covid, inflammation, and vascular issues and extensive research and studies showing success in using hyperbaric oxygen in helping head injury, disease states, decreasing inflammation, nerve and blood vessel regeneration etc. I felt this could finally be something that could help. At a time when I felt there was no other help other than to wait for an unknown outcome, I finally felt I found something that could help. I was amazed when I learnt of a centre in Magheramorne, somewhere I could get a lift to.

At week 26 I started hbot. I started during a crash period where I struggled getting dressed and was mainly bed/sofa bound in a lot of pain and had spiralling anxiety never experienced before covid. After my first 3 sessions, I had come out of that crash – the quickest I have come out of a crash to date.

After 15 sessions, I have noticed the following.

– Increased sleep giving my body a chance to heal. (Previous insomnia spells)
– Improved Attention span
– Helped with sensory overload
– Reduced fasciculation/ muscle spasms each day after completing the session.
– Memory improving (very bad pre oxygen)
– Finding words and articulating improved
– General pain improved
– No migraines experienced during time doing oxygen
– Reduced anxiety
– Told by those around me I am becoming more like myself.

I will be continuing the hyperbaric oxygen for as long as it as available to me while in my current condition.

All of the staff at the centre have been excellent. A great team, very understanding and a perfect fit for a brilliant service being provided.

I can only hope I’m not in this journey for much longer and appreciate it will take its course, however, I firmly believe I am getting benefit from the hyperbaric oxygen and I am certain it will shorten/ help along the way. I feel both lucky and privileged to be able to avail of this excellent service that has kept me optimistic and given me hope of the best possible outcome that is a return to the life I knew pre covid.

Thank you.”

(Note I am continuing to track and measure progress on a chart. As time goes on and more oxygen sessions complete I would hope to have more info I can give as hopefully will have more positive patterns)


My name is Andrea and more than 4 years ago, my world came crashing down when I experienced a brain seizure whilst cycling home from work.  After being rushed to hospital a CT scan indicated a large mass the size of a golf ball, which I remember vaguely the doctor describing what looked like spiders web infiltrating in the right frontal lobe of my brain.  After 2 brain surgeries to remove the tumour I experienced temporary loss of eye sight, speech, memory and movement.  They removed as much of the tumour as possible but due to its location some remained.  2 Weeks later the pathology result came back that the tumour was in fact, a high grade Glioblastoma multiform and palliative care would be given and would only prolong my life by weeks if not a few months.  I made a choice to engage in the palliative chemotherapy and radiotherapy to give me time, and to then implement other changes and eventually rely on the natural route.   I scared the internet looking for some hope and came across fellow survivors who just like myself, received the devastating news and  were managing their illness.  Alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy I adopted research based metabolic therapy approach using ketogenic diet, 3 plus litres of 9.5 alkaline water daily and hyperbaric Oxygen therapy which clinical studies have indicated it may improve the prognosis and reduce complication in glioma patients.  I was excited about trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy and scared too, but I was hoping that this method could help me with my issues.  First few treatments I didn’t feel anything only tiredness but the more treatments I had, the more optimistic I became as HBOT reduced my muscle spasms, doubled my energy levels, decreased my headaches, reduced my fatigue and most importantly I still have clear scans.  I have been attending Larne Oxygen Therapy Centre for over 3 ½ years now and attend for weekly sessions.  I would recommend HBOT to help treat any cancer!  I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me! Never give up!!


Hi. My name is Janice and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  Unfortunately, in April 2019 (almost 10 years later), I was told it had spread to my liver and I would die within a year without intravenous chemotherapy, with which I could get just over a year.  I refused the IV chemo but take a targeted therapy drug, which has little to no side effects.  I changed my diet totally and began to research natural alternatives, that is when I discovered HBOT.  I couldn’t believe there was a Centre in Larne!  I go every week and have met so many lovely people including staff and fellow oxygen users, developing deep bonds with several.  The oxygen treatment makes me feel so energised.  I believe it is killing cancerous cells in my body. Along with prayer, diet, HBOT and supplements I am delighted to say every scan has shown all this caused shrinkage in the liver lesions and two detected cancerous nodes no longer show up on the scan.  I highly recommend Larne Oxygen Therapy Centre.  I am very thankful for this centre and for the years God has given me with family and friends, and look forward to many more.

Hope to see you there!

Rhonda Faulkner

I found out about the Oxygen Therapy Centre and decided to give it a go. Can’t recommend Oxygen Therapy enough. I have only been attending the centre for a few weeks now and already I have noticed a big difference. It’s been life changing for me. I Have MS and suffered from debilitating fatigue for a few years now and couldn’t do very much. It has given me back my energy I feel much better and can enjoy things I did before. It has helped with my balance and other symptoms that go with MS. It’s helped me immensely just unbelievable. The staff are so friendly and helpful nothing a bother for them. It’s been nice to chat and met other people that are struggling with much the same things as myself on a daily basis.

Therese Coleman

I have suffered from severe chronic I.B.S and colitis for decades.  During that time I have tried every N.H.S treatment offered, as well as a great many alternative therapies, exercises, supplements, diets and food combinations.  Nothing ever made any long-term difference.  However, for the last two years, I have been attending The Oxygen Therapy Centre to receive regular pressurized oxygen treatments and I have noticed a steady improvement in all aspects of my condition.  I am gradually increasing the range of foods I can eat, the excessive bloating, back pain, headaches, foggy brain, tiredness, diarrhoea and sleeping difficulties have decreased very noticeably.  This completely natural therapy is slowly changing my life and has given me back my health, energy, strength and general wellbeing.  I am so very grateful to both the oxygen treatment and the great staff at the Centre who are professional, helpful, supportive and very welcoming.

Mary Hall

I have been attending the Oxygen Therapy Centre for the past 2 years. I have suffered from ME and fibromyalgia for the past 28 years. When I went to the OTC I was suffering from various other health problems and my life was just a constant struggle and blur of pain. I had muscle pain from the back of my head right through my body to my feet. I could not sit, only lie down and that was awkward especially when I had to travel as I had to lie all the time. I could not empty either my bladder or my bowels. I could not sleep at night and just had short periods of rest during the day as a result of pure exhaustion. As you can imagine, my life was unbearable. It was tough on my family as well to watch me suffering all the time.

I’m now delighted to report that after the first 5/6 weeks attending the OTC I started to empty my bladder. My bowels took most of a year to really show a good improvement. I can now sit and have put on a stone in weight. I now get 6/7 hours sleep straight through the night. My life has greatly improved and it’s thanks to the Oxygen Therapy Centre in Larne.

I would like to thank everyone at the centre who have all been so kind and accommodating. I would especially like to thank Vickie and Linda who looked after my every need and were so kind and understanding towards me and the volunteers who give their time freely.

I would strongly recommend oxygen treatment as it has changed my quality of life immensely.

Joan McGoran

My name is Joan McGoran and I have been attending The Oxygen Therapy Centre at Magheramourne for 5 years. I have brittle asthma and C.O.P.D. I have had this illness for most of my adult life. Before I started going to the Oxygen Therapy Centre, I was on a lot of medication and had suffered with side effects from my medication. I was on large quantities of steroids. Then there was antibiotics as well. I remember reading a leaflet about the Oxygen Therapy. I thought I would give it a try. I came out and had a trial in the tank and it was ok for me. I then had 20 sessions all together. That was the start of me going once a week. If I find my asthma is getting worse, then I would come twice a week.

Since I started using the Oxygen Therapy, I have been able to reduce my intake of steroids and antibiotics. I sometimes come in and can find my breathing quite difficult. After an oxygen session I can breathe without any problem. If I miss a session one week, I know the difference. My chest becomes tighter and breathing can be restricted.

Personally speaking, the Oxygen Therapy Centre for me has been a life saver. I have a better quality of life and my steroids have been greatly reduced from eight steroids a day for sometimes more than a week down to one a day and no antibiotics. I would say this for me is a success. I cannot begin to praise the Oxygen Therapy enough. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. There are a lot of other health issues that the Oxygen Therapy can help so I would say come try it.

Irene Hall

In March 2015 I came to the Oxygen Therapy Centre for my 1st treatment. I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for 13 years. By the time I came to the Oxygen Therapy Centre, my life had become very restricted. The pain levels were so high and the exhaustion so great that I had to force myself to do even small tasks. Having a shower would leave me feeling like I had climbed a mountain. Going to visit friends or family, (which I love to do) was an effort which took so much out of me, it took me days to recover.

Before Oxygen Therapy the G.P had given me muscle relaxing drugs, which didn’t lower pain levels and left me unable to get out of bed in the morning. Every time I went to see them I was told top up the dose, which I couldn’t do because they made me even more tired. I tried changing my diet and taking supplements but nothing seemed to help.

At first the Oxygen Therapy seemed to make me even more tired, but the testimonies of others in the tank with me, encouraged me to keep going. After 8 to 10 treatments I started to notice the pain levels had dropped. After a few more sessions the periods of prolonged exhaustion stopped. I felt, I had been given my life back.

I now can work for short periods in my garden, impossible before. If I do a lot I still pay for it with raised pain levels, but my recovery time is much shorter. Next morning I will be back to low pain levels, before it took me days of inactivity to be able to do anything again. I can iron again! I always hated ironing, now I am so thankful I can do it!

My husband is delighted, I can go places with him again, we too have been given back a life together. Before Oxygen Therapy I was finding it difficult to even breath in deeply, now I have no problems breathing. I wake in the morning’s early feeling alive. I have been able to come off all drugs. Most days the levels of pain are low enough for me not to have to take pain killers. This has its own benefits for my digestion etc. I have more energy and sleep well.

After Christmas I had bad flu which stopped me having my weekly to up of oxygen for 5 weeks. Pain levels rose again and I had two incidents of complete exhaustion where I was barely able to function. This proved to me the value of maintaining the therapy.

Also it is a pleasure to visit the centre. The staff and volunteers are so welcoming and friendly. The other service users are so positive and encouraging. It is more than somewhere to go for treatment, it is a pleasant social outing. I can not recommend The Oxygen Therapy Centre enough.