My name is Andrea and more than 4 years ago, my world came crashing down when I experienced a brain seizure whilst cycling home from work.  After being rushed to hospital a CT scan indicated a large mass the size of a golf ball, which I remember vaguely the doctor describing what looked like spiders web infiltrating in the right frontal lobe of my brain.  After 2 brain surgeries to remove the tumour I experienced temporary loss of eye sight, speech, memory and movement.  They removed as much of the tumour as possible but due to its location some remained.  2 Weeks later the pathology result came back that the tumour was in fact, a high grade Glioblastoma multiform and palliative care would be given and would only prolong my life by weeks if not a few months.  I made a choice to engage in the palliative chemotherapy and radiotherapy to give me time, and to then implement other changes and eventually rely on the natural route.   I scared the internet looking for some hope and came across fellow survivors who just like myself, received the devastating news and  were managing their illness.  Alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy I adopted research based metabolic therapy approach using ketogenic diet, 3 plus litres of 9.5 alkaline water daily and hyperbaric Oxygen therapy which clinical studies have indicated it may improve the prognosis and reduce complication in glioma patients.  I was excited about trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy and scared too, but I was hoping that this method could help me with my issues.  First few treatments I didn’t feel anything only tiredness but the more treatments I had, the more optimistic I became as HBOT reduced my muscle spasms, doubled my energy levels, decreased my headaches, reduced my fatigue and most importantly I still have clear scans.  I have been attending Larne Oxygen Therapy Centre for over 3 ½ years now and attend for weekly sessions.  I would recommend HBOT to help treat any cancer!  I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me! Never give up!!

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