Hi. My name is Janice and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  Unfortunately, in April 2019 (almost 10 years later), I was told it had spread to my liver and I would die within a year without intravenous chemotherapy, with which I could get just over a year.  I refused the IV chemo but take a targeted therapy drug, which has little to no side effects.  I changed my diet totally and began to research natural alternatives, that is when I discovered HBOT.  I couldn’t believe there was a Centre in Larne!  I go every week and have met so many lovely people including staff and fellow oxygen users, developing deep bonds with several.  The oxygen treatment makes me feel so energised.  I believe it is killing cancerous cells in my body. Along with prayer, diet, HBOT and supplements I am delighted to say every scan has shown all this caused shrinkage in the liver lesions and two detected cancerous nodes no longer show up on the scan.  I highly recommend Larne Oxygen Therapy Centre.  I am very thankful for this centre and for the years God has given me with family and friends, and look forward to many more.

Hope to see you there!

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